Perfect Day for a Blogger

Recipe for a perfect blogging day:

9:00 am Sleep in.

10:00 Power up computer.

10:05 Moderate 25 comments from subscribers.

11:00 Review Annual marketing plan. Choose topic.

11:30 Compose Blog post.

11:35 Insert image.

11:45 Add tags.

11:50 Proofread.

11:55 Add another sentence. Proofread.

11:57 Publish!

11:58 Review Tweetdeck to see posts.

12:00 Lunch.

1:00pm Go for Bike ride. Clear mind.

5:00 Return from Bike ride.

5:15 Take shower.

5:30 Prepare dinner.

6:00 Eat dinner.

7:00 After dinner walk.

8:00 Turn on computer.

8:15 Visit Technorati. Comment on blog.

9:15 Visit StumbleUpon. Comment on blog.

10:15 Brush teeth.

10:30 Go to bed.

10:45 Dream about Social Media attracting more followers.



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